We produce your filter solution

Our technicians and engineers design a wide variety of intelligent filter solutions for your filtration tasks e.g.: Filter walls made of stainless 1.4301 for HEPA filters with leakage test device according to DIN 1946-4 (1998) or sand separators for the protection of air conditioning systems in desert areas. We also offer fast and cost-effective solutions for complex problems.

Reference: Mine & Disposal Plant ASSE II

Our safety housings Type HS-S041 fulfill highest demands. This applies to the construction of our housings and filters as well as for the documentation. With our project for the ASSE II mine pit exploration works on the disposal chambers we had to combine the requirements of each nuclear and mining law. Also for this challenge, we designed, documented and supplied a reliable filtering system for removal of particulate and gaseous radionuclides.

HS-Inferno Ultra High Temperature HEPA

When the worst comes to the worst and an accident is imminent, HS-Inferno ultra high temperature HEPA filters are the last barrier to minimize toxic and/or radiological contamination of the environment. The HEPA filter system is designed for extreme temperatures up to >600°C and maximum pressures.
HS-Inferno filters are customized to meet your process requirements and the design is verified in simulations.

Filerhousings, mounting frames and duct channel housings

Range of application

Filter systems, -housings, - side panels for air-conditioning and ventilations systems (in-out and circulating) to be used with filter matting, metal filters, filter modules, filter cells in cardboard frames, compact filters, dust and coal filters.

According to our customers needs and specifications we also manufacture and supply:

According to our customers needs, requirements or specifications we use the
following raw materials:


Particle- and gas filtration system for safety relevant applications.

We also specialise in conceptualised filter systems for nuclear, pharmaceutical and other specialised applications at high quality standards. Any of these systems can be adapted to your special requirements. With nuclear applications, among other systems, there are also "hot cells" in use. We can also provide the following documents on request:

In our basic range of products we also offer mobile filter units. These units are mostly used in applications, where quick and efficient filter ability is required in temporary locations, like refurbishing jobs or disaster recovery emergency support.

HS-Vario CAT, modular filterhousing

Modular filterhousing made from aluminum profiles and galvanized steel, easy and flexible to configurate according to your requirements.

The HS-Vario CAT programme is the solution for your tasks in air filtration. The modular design allows to meet the requirement of most different fields of applications. Ranging from simple one-filter-stage supply or exhaust air filtration with bag filters to multi-stage filter solutions including regulateable fans. You can choose individually about the air-flow that should be handled, filter stages, auxillary equipment or installation position the required HS-Vario CAT should have. All integrated filtermounting frames are fitting for filters from HS-Luftfilterbau as well as standard filters of various other manufacturers. The extruded profile offers a circulating 30 mm frame and allows direct connection to the ducting or the mounting of connecting pieces either with flanges or other tube connectors.


HS-Solid CAT, welded stainless housing

Modular filterhousing made from welded stainless steel.

  • 250°

The HS-Solid CAT channel housing meets your performance requirements in all ductwork requiring the highest standards of air purity. The modular concept allows cost-effective adaptation to the needs of your process conditions. The housing can serve from a simple one-stage filter up to multi stage HEPA and gas/odor filtersystem for safety relevant applications. If required an adjustable fan can be integrated to the design.

HS-Solid CAT housings are made of welded stainless steel (type 1.4301 or 1.4404 / 14571). HS-Solid CAT can be fitted with any combinations of coarse and fine dust filters as well as HEPA's up to EN 1822 Class H14. Even the inclusion of molecular filters is provided. The integrated filter holders are suitable filters manufactured by HS-Luftfilterbau filter and of course for standard filters from most other manufacturers.



Filterupgrade for MVHR Systems, private home filtration

HS-HomeAir is a standardized, easy-to-install upgrade solution for residential ventilation that provides maximum air quality at cleanroom level through a multi-stage filter system.

HS-HomeAir has an intelligent pressure control system that supports existing systems in overcoming the additional filter resistances. In contrast to existing systems, filters with the highest separation performance can thus also be operated without any problems. HS-HomeAir delivers only as much air as the existing MVHR unit requires. This means that usually no changes need to be made to the settings of the existing system during installation and energy consumption remains as low as possible.
HS-HomeAir can be equipped with different filter types in order to offer perfect protection against pollen, odours, smokes, pesticides or even chemical or even radiological air pollution. The filter mount and sealing of the filters comply with the standards appropriate for the protection of hazardous substances. Due to the larger filter surfaces, the design of the filters allows a much longer service life than with the usually filters of the existing MVHR units.

HS-HomeAir offers the following advantages:

  • significantly higher filter efficiency against fine dust and particles (up to EN1822 class H14)
  • filter whose specification also corresponds to the actual performance,
  • Secure sealing of the filter holder by 4-point contact clamping (no cheap slide-in rails which favour leakage flows).
  • generously dimensioned filters for longer service life and greater efficiency
  • avoidance of overflow effects, as the filters do not filter supply and exhaust air at the same time as often seen with MVHR systems,
  • powerful activated carbon filters can be used whose adsobtion goes far beyond the discrimination of odours.

The following filter stages are provided in the standard oder package:

  • Prefilter HS-Z-Panel ISO Coarse 80%
  • Fine dust filter HS-Beta Pak 85 ISO ePM1 70%
  • Particle filter HS-Mikro SF EN 1822 H13
  • Activated carbon filter HS-Carbo Panel (against unpleasant odours in the outside air)


HS-Mounting Frame for Bag- and Compact Filters

Standard mounting frames for bag filters, compact filters and panelfilters for up to 48 mm depth.

  • 65…250°

Rigid mounting frames manufactured from galvanised sheeting or stainless steel fitted with a glued seal. Filter inserts are secured with a tensioning system, which ensures proper centralised fitment of the filter insert. Standard frames are manufactured to standard size, which allow exact and safe fitment in modular sections to any filter wall system.


HS-4N mounting frame for finedust and HEPA filters

Mounting frame for filter cassettes up to 292 mm depth.

HS-4N mounting frames ideally suit for building filterwalls for highly efficient particle filtration. Single mounting frames can be fitted like modules to estrablish a wall installation. Clamping elements in each corner of the mounting frame ensure an even pressure on the installed filter. Each mounting frame comes with 4 clamping elements. All weldseams are glas blasted for corrosion protection. HS-4N-Frames can be optinonally equiped with a leaktest pipe to ensure tight seat of the filter by putting the groove gasket (gasket with tight seat test ablility) of the filter under pressure.  The tight seat of the filter is validated by monitoring the leak rate over the gasket.The mounting system supports worldwide standard HEPA sizes.


HS-Wall Filter System Type HS-T021

Modular configurateable filterwall for channel or duct installation.

This filter wall consists of individual supporting frames and the filter-wall frame, and, if required, reinforced sheeting can be fitted. It is designed for dust and clean-air sided operations and, according to the specific task, will be fitted with module or micro pack filter inserts with varying filter efficiencies and volumes, as required.


Duct Filter Housing for Bagfilters HS-T022

Rigid duct filter housing for ventilation tasks

Sturdy duct housing made of 1.5 mm galvanised sheet steel with side service door for filter replacement. The door can be arranged either on the left or right, in relation to the direction of air flow.

The housing frame with the wide sealing surfaces is also the connection frame for connection units and air ducts. In addition to the sizes available as standard, the duct housings can be manufactured in any housing dimension for optimum adaptation to the conditions at the installation location. The filters are mounted and fastened using mounting frames. The duct housings are supplied completely assembled in all unit sizes. For larger volume flows, two units are combined next to each other. The service doors for the filter change are then arranged on the right and left.

The circumferential 30, 40 or 50 mm connection flange can be drilled on site to allow easy connection to common ducts. In addition, any transition pieces, e.g. to rectangular or round ducts, can be offered.


HS-Panelfilter Wall Frame V-type HS-Z034

Panelfilter wall for panel filters, pads and mesh filters type HS-Z34 (V-form) for higher flow rates.

This filter wall consists of the filter-wall frame, the surrounding support frame (where required) and individual supporting frames. With the use of filter matting inserts, supporting grills and frames for the filtermats are fitted. For modular fitting, an angle frame is supplied.


HS-S045 HEPA Wall Frame

Filterwall for mounting EPA and HEPA filters.

Rigid supporting frames for filter wall or fitment in machines are manufactured from airtight welded aluminium profiles. The outer frame, made from angle profiles, provides a surrounding frame for safe fitment, which ensures safe sealing with the frame body. Supporting angles and a spindle press system assures exact fitment and proper sealing of the filter insert.


HS-Ceiling outlet

Ceiling outlet for air supply of particle free sterile air or tubulent mix air supply.

This product serves as device for supplying sterile air free of particle and germs. This diffuser outlet for turbulent air supply is used within laboratories, hospitals, or cleanrooms. A circulatory closed false ceiling-connection will be customarily designed. The dimensions are also customizable. The absolute airtight manufactured housing is non-corrosive and easy to decontaminate. Welded retaining plates make installation easy. The outlet will be securely fastened by centered brackets, which are easily removed for filter exchange or surface scanning. The Ceiling Outlet meets requirements according to DIN 196, VDI 2083, EN 14644-1 as well as cleanroom regulations according to 91/536/EWG-GMP. Due to the fact the casing is entirely welded, no sealing compound is needed.


  • expanded test connection for easy direct access from side facing room
  • housing serves as exhaust unit with integrated fine dust filter
  • housing includes cleanable, lint extracting filter frame
  • painted can be offered in various RAL-colors


HS-V-Type Panel Filter Housing Type HS-Z036

V-Type channel housing for mounting of filter pads, panel filters and metal mesh filters.

Solid channel housing made from galvanised sheeting with a removable side panel for servicing of filter units. The configuration is from the left or from the right according to the airflow direction. The filter inserts are secured in v-shape configured mounting frames between the supporting grills and mounting clips. This design also allows the use of filter cells.


HS-S-041 safe change security filter housing

Safety filterhousing for particle and gas filtration offering Bag-In-Bag-Out filterchange.

HS-S041 filterhousings are manufactured from airtight welded stainless steel. Filters are fixed by a stainless steel two-lever entralised pressure system and leaf springs. Optional equipment i.e.: a seal leak proof grove, aluminium twin grooved service board for safe change (Bi-Bo, bag-in-bag-out), adapter housings or flanges and or foot pedestal. Multistage housings are also available.



Versatile options are available: 

HS-HEPA duct filter housing type HS-S-044

Robust channel filter housing for mounting particle and gas filters.

Robust channel housing made from galvanised steel fitted with a service panel on its side. The filter units are mounted in an airtight welded aluminium profile frame. A spindle pressure system ensures a proper fit and seal of the filter inserts.



Safety filter system for removal of particles and toxic gases at high air flow rates.

HS-Securesorb Activated Carbon adsorbers are designed for the filtration of high air volumes of 5000 up to 15.000 m³/h. They are employed for the secure removal of gaseous and / or toxic air impurities. The whole filterhousing is made from high grade stainless steel. All filter stages can be changed contamination free by Safe Change (Bi-Bo, Bag-In-Bag-Out).


Adsorber for toxic or radioactive gases


Coarse dust and sand filter

HS-Sand Trap is designed to separate and settle out sand and granulated coarse dust prior to filtration and air filtration systems. The filters are equipped to meet demands for filtration units in deserts and regions with high winds. They prevent coarse particles from entering the ventilation system and eliminate premature depletion of other static filters. Sand and coarse particle are discharged into a chamber at the lower side of the grid. During assembly, observe the correct fitting position of the filtration unit.
Filter efficiency:

80 % of particles and sand grains with a size of 20 to 50 μm
65 % of particles and sand grains with a size of 1 to 70 μm

The geometrical construction of the precipitation grid is perfectly suited to meet demanding applications by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

The grid is made from either aluminum or stainless steel; the frame is constructed from galvanized steel sheets and extruded aluminum profiles. The separation grid is always followed by static filters as a second stage, which may either contain pocket filter, panel filters or metal mesh filters.  HS-Sand Trap Filters are designed related to their individual requirements.



Duct housing with compact dimensions for pipelines and confined spaces

  • -40…65°

HS-Pipefilters are particularly suitable for low air flows at limited space conditions. They are used for the filtration of dusts, particles, odours and harmful gases.

This housing type consists of 1.5 mm welded stainless steel (1.4301 optionally also 1.4404 or 14571). The special housings can be equipped with activated carbon cartridges HS-AKP 26 from 250 to 600 mm (HS-AKP intermediate tube adapter) as well as HS-V-Pak (HS-V-P intermediate tube adapter) in various filter classes from fine dust and particulate air filters up to class EN 1822 H14.

The system can be equipped with flange connections or welding pipe sockets in existing systems and ensures effective elimination of odours and pollutants either for the supply and/or exhaust air. A laterally mounted inspection cover allows the filter to be changed without loosening the flange or pipe connections.

Example: HS-Pipefilter with HS-V-Pak SFV H14 Filtercartridge