Energy Efficient Design

The effective utilization of resources and the sustainable use of our environment are a requirement of our time. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH stirves to optimzie it's ISO 14001 certified production by the useage of innovative materials and to increase the energy efficiency of our products. Most of our prodcuts haven proven in the field that high filtration efficiency does not exclude a reduction of the operational costs.


HS Luftfilterbau supplies uncompromising quality. This is what our customers expect from us. Therefore, HS Luftfilterbau GmbH implemented a highly effective quality and environmental management system. Continuous improvement processes are part of our company culture and ensure that all processes lead to satisfaction of the concerning parties. Our core ideals are founded on our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and KTA 1401 cerzified quality assurance system.

Cleanroom / Pharma / Medical

The latest production processes e.g. in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries require highest degrees of purity of the environment. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH operates ultramodern production and test facilities for HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters to maintain clean and sterile enviroments. All our products are intensively tested according to internationals standards before leaving our factory.

HVAC / Ventilation

Clean air and healthy climate affect the well being of people. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality air filters ensure optimum ventilation of working, residential, commercial and office spaces. A careful choice of materials guarantees energy and economic efficiency.

Grease Filters

Range of application

HS-Grease Metalmesh Filters

Grease collectors and coendensing filters for fatty vapors, kitchen exhaust and process air.

  • -40…250°
  • G1
  • G2
  • G3
  • 20

HS-Grease metal grill filters are designed for the use in kitchens.Generally, when preparing meals or food fats are used and create unpleasant fatty steam and residue. When this fatty steam is extracted via the metal grill fat filters, the food fat remains on the metal grill (large cooling area) and the metal filter cells.

The filter cells consist of aluminium wire woven into robe like surfaces. This creates a large cooling surface with a relatively small airflow resistance.

This filter media is fitted in a solid aluminium frame, secured between two covering grills. The fat absorption achieved, depending on the thickness of the filter media, is between 90 - 99 %.

These fat metal grill filters can be manufactured and supplied to your specific requirements and are easily cleaned in most dishwashers.

Fat metal grill filters are available in galvanised sheeting, aluminium or stainless steel.


HS-Pak 55 PA, grease- & oilfogfilter

Grease- and oilfogfilter with enhanced capacity. Ideal 2nd stage filter after metal-meshes.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 65
  • 55

Field of application

  • second stage to metal mesh filters
  • stops fatty aerosols
  • ideal prefilter for oil mist absortion
  • enduring service life time at extreme dusty conditions 

HS-Pak 55 PA are designed for filtration tasks with high concentrated air impurities, especialy for those with sticky or clogging attributes. HS-Pak 55 PA ideally fits as second stage filter for exhaust air treatment of canteen kitchens or high amounts of heavy dusts. Alternatively HS-Pak 35PA can be applied if coarse dusts with low oil- or grease compounts have to be filtered.The combination of different filtermedia in one filter offers the oppotunity of highly reduced space requirement for systems where pre- and mainfilter can not be installed as dedicated stages. The filter is manufactured in bag-filter style. The filtermedia is a compound of a highly progressive fibre media and an efficiency layer for smaller dust and aerosol particles. Hence the HS-Pak 55 PA achieve a much better dust saturation and thus offers an increased service lifetime especially at problematic processes.



self draining oilmist and aerosol filter

  • -40…120°
  • 50…70

Field of application

  • prefilter for oilfog and oilsmoke filtration, installed before HEPA & activated carbon stages
  • replacement filtter for absolent filter systems
  • Drainage filter for recycling of oils, vapors or other steamlike filtrates
  • optionally: fully antistatic version for EX protection
These filters serve for the removal of mists, fogs and filtration of wet aerosols and dusts. Air impurities arise in applicationssuch as tempering, cold-drawing, oil-grinding, CNC milling orl athing or die casting. These filter cassettes are self-draining, which means that condensing mists and oils are released bygravity. Therefore the filter needs to be installed either horizontal or in an angel of <=45°. By request we offer complete filterunits including frequency controlled fans. HS-Fogdrain filters are also suitable for oilfog and oilsmoke filtration when combined with HEPA and/or activated carbon filters.
The filter allows very long service lifetime thanks to the self-draining  characteristic.


The released oils and aerosols mightbe filtered and recycled depending on the application and type of oil. HS-Fogdrain perfectly fit as replacement filter for absolentfiltersystems (i.e. ODF 1000, ODF 2000 etc.)