Modern Pleat Technology

Our panelfilters HS-Z-50, HS-Z100 as well as the cartridge types HS-Alpha Pak 35 and HS-Alpha Pak 55 offer thermoplastic separators for fold distancing. This guarantees always even fold distances which stay perfect, even under hard conditions. Thereby our panel type filters offer a longer lifetime and less energy consumtion when compared with competing products.

Offshore Filtration

Important installation on board ships and platforms which must be protected from intruding water drops and corrosive particles such as salt crystals, desert sand worn over the ocean or soot.
We offer filter elements and systems, which
even under the harshest conditions at sea enable safe operation of electric-mechanic sub-systems, wind or gas turbines.

HVAC / Ventilation

Clean air and healthy climate affect the well being of people. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality air filters ensure optimum ventilation of working, residential, commercial and office spaces. A careful choice of materials guarantees energy and economic efficiency.

HS-Panel Filters

Range of application

  • prefilter for higher filterstages in HVAC Systems
  • mainfilter against coarse dust particles

Panel Filter HS-Glas Z 1" and HS-Glas Z 2"

Panel filter with cardboard frame for coarse dust filtration.

  • 65°
  • G2
  • G3
  • 20…50

Panelfilter for air conditioning and ventilation installations. This filter medium is constructed of an elastic pattern of thin glass fibres, held in a rigid card board frame. For improved coarse dust extraction and dust holding the medium is impregnated with a non toxic dust binder. HS-Glass Fibre Cells are available for most standard sizes and in special dimensions, on request.


Panel Filter HS-Z-50 and HS-Z-100

Panel filter with Z-pleated synthetic media and cardboard frame. Used in HVAC, Ventilation & heavy machinery.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 35…65
  • 55…60

Filter for air conditioning and ventilating equipment. The pleated high performance filter fleece is self supporting. Therefore this Filtercell absolut free of any metal and fully combustibly which makes the disposal easy. This arrangement is held together with a rigid card board frame.

Type HS-Z-100 can optionally be fittet with a glass fibre pad HS-Glas 2". This mat assures a pre-arrestance of coarse dust to provide a longer service life for the filter cell. The synthetic fibre cells can be delivered in most standard sizes and in special dimensions, on request. For stability reasons the length of one side should not exceed 610mm.


Pleatfilter HS-Alpha Pak 35 and HS-Alpha Pak 55

Pre- and mainfilter with rigid plastic frame and maximum filtersurface.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 85
  • 65

These compact filtercells serve as prefilter for HVAC systems and Turbines offering maximum filtration abilities at minimal dimensions. HS-Alpha Pak´s greates benefits is the compact construction with frame depths of 48 and 96 [mm], the outstanding dust holding capacity, maximized filter surface as well as hygienic design. HS-Alpha Pak are availiabe in two different filterclasses (EN779: G4 and M5). The frame of HS-Alpha Pak is made of rigit extruded polystyrene profiles with edge connectors. This guarantees optimal hygienic as well as stability and also ensures easy disposal because the whole filter can be incinerated.
The high quality synthetic filter media offers deep-filtration effects thus archieving higher dust holding capacities than similar products from other manufacturers. It is pleated to self-supporting folds that are fixed by plastic spacers offering even more rigidity.
HS-Alpha Pak can also serve as pre-filters for turbine air intakes.


HS-Beta Pak

Compact & rigid  finedustfilter, framedepth 48 - 150 mm

  • 65°
  • M6
  • F7
  • F9
  • 75
  • 65
  • 70

Robust finedustfilter for depths small as 48 mm and 96 mm (upon request 150 mm). Suited for Reconfiguration or replacement of AC units, substituting common Zig-Zag-pleated with a more hygienic filter. Also applicable at systems where actual filter efficiency is not enough (i.e. finedust problems in city-air).

HS-Beta Pak are robust fine dust filters, employed as preliminary or main filters when long filter service lives are required in large and/or variab- le volume flows. Typical areas of application are electronics and computer rooms, pharmaceutical production areas, research laboratories, hospitals, industrial ventilation and preliminary filtration for particulate air filters. They fit in all standard fra- mesystems or mounting frames of various manuf- acturers for particulate air filters, according to the design variant. They are suitable for use as replace- ment filters in all standard commercially available mounting frames. Due their small depth HS-Beta Pak save space in new constructed ventilation systems.

These filters are also great space savers when existing venti- lationssystems need to be rigged up for higher filter classes. The sturdy plastic frame fulfills the demands for high rigidity and hygiene combined with the ease of disposal since the filters are com- pletely metalfree and thus fully incinreable.


HS-ACS Filter (coalescer)

Coalescer filter for absorbing water droplets and fog.

HS-ACS Filter is an Air Coalescing System, used for removal of moisture (i.e. humid fog) and various coarse dusts for supply air at industrial or power generation processes. It perfectly fits for first stage turbine air entry filtration, ideally with HS-Pak 55 and HS-Mikro Pak 95 as following filterstages.

HS-ACS Filter consists of a sturdy polypropylene frame containing a high efficient glass fibre pad. Air entry and air leaving sides offer a rigid polypropylene protection grid.
Fog and moisture will condense at the fibres of the progressive filtermedia. Optional drillings in the bottom ensure that fluids can be extracted and lead to appropiate collectors / waste water site.
HS-ACS Filter is especially designed for heavy duty application and areas with very high air humidity levels.


Filterpanels for finedust filtration / surface technologies

  • 120°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 60…75
  • 50…65

HS-Special Filter Panels, Type HS-GTU, -GTB and -GTA
These consist of different layers of very fine homogeneous glass fibre fleeces with reinforcement of the clean air side. They are non flammable complying with DIN 4102-B1.

HS-Special Filter Panels, Type HS-GT-1000 and -GTF1000
These Filtercells are made from different synthetic fibre high performance fleeces. They have a reinforcement on the clean air side. These filter cells are self extinguishing according to DIN 53 438. The assembly of the filter layers is adapted to the corresponding mounting frame, as follows:


  • Type HS-GTU and HS-GT-1000 rigid cardboard

  • Type HS-GTB and HS-GTF-1000 elastic cardboard

  • Type HS-GTA with expanded aluminum metal cover


Prefilter for safety housings such as i.e. HS-S041 or HS-Filtermobile.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 30…75
  • 60

HS-Prefiltercell: these serve als prefilters in HEPA-Channelhousings (i.e. HS-S041) and are availiable in classes EN 779:G4 to M5. The prefilter cells are especially designed for contamitation free filter change (save-change). They are completely incinreable to ease their disposal after use.