Energy Efficient Design

The effective utilization of resources and the sustainable use of our environment are a requirement of our time. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH stirves to optimzie it's ISO 14001 certified production by the useage of innovative materials and to increase the energy efficiency of our products. Most of our prodcuts haven proven in the field that high filtration efficiency does not exclude a reduction of the operational costs.


HS Luftfilterbau supplies uncompromising quality. This is what our customers expect from us. Therefore, HS Luftfilterbau GmbH implemented a highly effective quality and environmental management system. Continuous improvement processes are part of our company culture and ensure that all processes lead to satisfaction of the concerning parties. Our core ideals are founded on our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and KTA 1401 cerzified quality assurance system.

Cleanroom / Pharma / Medical

The latest production processes e.g. in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries require highest degrees of purity of the environment. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH operates ultramodern production and test facilities for HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters to maintain clean and sterile enviroments. All our products are intensively tested according to internationals standards before leaving our factory.

HVAC / Ventilation

Clean air and healthy climate affect the well being of people. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality air filters ensure optimum ventilation of working, residential, commercial and office spaces. A careful choice of materials guarantees energy and economic efficiency.

Gas- and molecular filtration

Range of application

Activated carbon, Zeolithe and impregnated aluminiumoxide have proven very well to securely adsorb air-born gas pollutants, which are often detrimental to health and environment. We offer a broad range of adsorbents and filters for use with air-conditioning, air-ventilation and extraction and recycling applications.

HS-Activated Carbons

Activated carbon for gas- and odor filtration. Availiable as bag- or bulk goods.

  • 65°

HS-Luftfilterbau supplies Activated Carbone in shaped and pulverised format. The granule size of shape and corn coal ranges between 0.6 and 6.3 mm, according to it’s application, pulverised activated charcoal has a granule size of <0,075mm. This activated charcoal is manufactured from various raw materials, compost, coconutshells or sugar. This is achieved either by burning, or special treatment procedures to achieve a substantial enlargement in the “outer” and “inner” surface.

Through this process the finest porous surfaces and the finest capillary systems are created, which increases the absorbent surfaces up to 1700 m²/g. This in turn results in excellent filter efficiency and dust storage capacity and enables a long life span and high capacity of the active coal filters. Basic rules with the use of active carbon:

  • with increasing virtual contact with the active carbon or larger amounts of coal being used, the efficiency of the coal used is increased.
  • For the absorption of special pollutants impregnated active coal is used.
  • The air temperature of the flowing air shall not exceed 50ºC as from this temperature onwards some of the pollutants will be released by the coal. Any materials to be filtered have to absorbable. (Refer to table).
  • Active coal is very sensitive towards dust, and therefore it is recommended to use high quality and efficient dust filters as a primary filters for non-gaseous pollutions.
  • The basic rule: any gas molecules, which have more than three non-hydrogen atoms, are easy to absorb.

Please contact us for more, specific informations about the materials you need to adsorb.


Table about the effectiveness of the activated charcoal with the following materials (selection)
The effectiveness is indicated by the shown numbers:
4 = very good adsorption, 3 = good adsorption, 2 = small adsorption, 1 = very small adsorption
acetone 3 fatty acids carbon dioxide
acetaldehyde chlorine chemical solvent
acrolein chloroform menthol
alcohol diesel oil fog methane
anaesthetics 3 acetic acid methanol
ether disinfectant merkaptane
ethereal oils formaldehyde phenol
ethane fruit smell phosgene
ethylen household smells propan
ethyl acetate iodine sweat smells
amines cerosine tetrachlorcarbons
ammonia body smells turpentine
gasoline cosmetics tobacco smells
benzene hospital smells toluol
butane cresol please req. for more

HS-Clean Pro

Granulate used for the filtration of odors and for gasfiltration respectively destruction by oxidation. Especially suited for the filtration of H2S and SO2 filtration.

  • 120°

HS-Clean Pro is a chemisorbtive granulate wich serves as replacement or in addition to HS-Activated Carbon. HS-Clean Pro offers favorable adsorbtion abilities against various organic gases.

We reccomend it's use in addition to activated carbon at processes where H2S, SO2 or other organic / smell intensive agents, i.e. amino acids or formaldehyde must be removed from the air flow.

HS-Clean Pro is manufactured from high prosity activated alumina granules which is impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMNO4). The potassium permanganate serves as oxidizing agent to destroy, inactivate or converse problematic gases and odors.


HS-Carbon Cartridge AKP 26

Cartridgefilter for multiple adsorption- and chemisobtion tasks.

  • 65°


Activated carbon cartridges are used for the absorption of gaseous or odor intensive pollutants with ventilation and extraction systems. The basic unit consists of a base-frame (610 x 610 mm) and 16 single cylindrical cartridges filled with activated charcoal. According to required airflow volumes several units can be fitted to a filter wall. The cartridges are manufactured either from metal sheeting or stainless steel. We can also re-furbish used cartridges on our premises.


HS-AKP Tank adaptor for Carbon Cartridges

Adaptor for HS-AKP 26 or 35 as gasfilter for tanks

The HS-APK Tank adaptor is designed to offer a filtration solution for tanks containing volatile liquids. Tanks may emit smells or harmful gases constantly or with change of the filling level. Such gases / smells can or must be eliminated with activated carbon. HS-AKP tank adaptor allows the easy connection of  one or more carbon cartridges (such as HS-AKP 26) with any tank or pipe and thus ensure a secure restraining of hazadrous outgassings. The adaptor is directly connected by flanges to any revision outlet or fuel tank venting installation. The system could be offered alternatively as pipe-connector housing, to be flanged right between two pipe ends.

The tank adaptor can be easily added to any existing installation.

advantages & options:

  • filtersystem against smells, fumes & harmful gases (i.e. oil vapours) etc.
  • tank adaptor & cartridge are corrosion resistant (stainless steel)
  • flanges & drillings are customized to your demand
  • many different carbon types available
  • optional pre-filter pad to increase service lifetime
  • optional weather protector for outdoor use


HS-Carbon-Change-Cell A053

Safetyfilter serving as rechargeable retainer for activated carbon to be used in safety relevant applications.

  • 65°

Activated charcoal change cell are used for the high-grade adsorption of gaseous and smell-intensive pollutions in ventilation and exhaust air systems. The cell is suitable for the separation of radioactive iodine (iodine connections), as well as for nuclear applications and installations for the destruction of chemical weapons.

The compact filter is manufactured from stainless steel (grade 1.40301). The active coal layer is secured with precision welded sheeting with punched wholes. The special feature of this filter is the automatic adjustment of the pressure of coal layers by the use of tensioned sheeting. This prevents leakage of airflow. With the help of an easy to remove service lid the removal of used and replacement of new coal granules is quick and simple. We can also re-furbish used cartridges on our premises.


HS-A055 Activated Carbon Panel Cell

Carbon Filter used for high airflows.

  • 65°

This active coal card filter is used to absorb unpleasant odors like kitchen-, tobacco- chemical- and body odors, as well as gaseous pollutants, mainly carbon hydrates. The main applications are in ventilation and air-extraction systems.

HS-active charcoal board filters consist of the cell frame fitted with plastic guides for the v-shaped configuration of 18 individual filter elements.


HS-Carbo Pak

Compact activated carbon filter for adsorbtion of odos and gaseous impurities whth low concentrations.

The HS Carbo Pak filter assigned for the adsorption of disturbing smells e.g. kitchen smells, tobacco smells, cosmetics, body smells etc., in addition, for the adsorption of gaseous and/or air pollutions injurious to health (mainly hydrocarbons) and intake / exhaust air ventilation systems.

HS Carbo Pak consist of a corrosion resistant plastic framework with 6 active carbon plates. A circulating 25 mm flange enables the application with standard supporting frames.


HS-Carbo Pak² AK & FAK

Compact particle and adsorbtion filter for HVAC and ventilation tasks to remove typical impurities in city air like dieselparicles and ozone.

  • 65°
  • F7
  • 85

HS-Carbo Pak² FAK combines secure filtration ability for particles (i.e. finedusts such as pollen, spores etc.) and gaseous air impurities (i.e. tobaco smoke fumes, hamful gases emitted by city traffic). The standardunit offers a combination of EN779:F7 and aprox. 7kg activated carbon. HS-Carbo Pak² FAK is ideally suited to upgrade existing filtration soltion by gas-phase filtration without requirering changes in the filterhousings.

HS-Carbo Pak² FAK consist of a rigid, corrosive resistant plastic with circulating 25 mm flange and 8/6 particle & gas filtration packages. The preassure drop is similar to a standard bag filter (3400 m³/h @ 110 Pa)



HS-Combi Filter

High efficient particle- & gasfilter used in filterunits at welding, brazing and laser workplaces.

  • 65°
  • F7
  • F9
  • 50…95
  • 50…95
  • E11
  • H13
  • H14
  • U15

HS-Combi Filters are used for the filtration at exhaust air processes where gaseous and particular, also toxic air impurities have to be filtered securely. The compact combination of finedust / HEPA and activated carbon filterstages allows convinient solutions also for the most complex filtration problems in minium dimensions. HS-Combi Filters are especially suited for following applications:

  • soldering- and weldingfume filtration i.e. for Purex™ or Wella™ exhauster systems
  • cabin filters for special vehicles or marine technology
  • exhaust air filter for the medical range (i.e. for laser scalpel)
  • combined smell and partilce filtration for air recirculation systems



HS-Carbopanel PB

Flat panel adsorbtion filter for odor- and gasfiltration used in exhaust air (i.e. kitchen), exhaustion and machinery corrosion protection.

  • 65°

HS-Carbopanel PB filters are used for filtration of odors, hydrocarbon compounds (VOC's) or other gaseous or molecular air pollutants. The design combines the benefit of small sizes with the advantage of the adsorbtion capability of loose carbon beds. HS-Carbopanel PB can be adapted to the needs of your processes. The size is up to a maximum edge length of 650 mm. The activated carbon can be selected according to the emission spectra for optimal performance. HS-Carbo Panel PB fit into standard filter bag support frame.


loose carbon, safely encapsuled in a 25 mm galvanized seel frame. Tension elements within the filter ensure enough pressure on the carbon to avoid bypasses.


HS-Carbopad activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter with textile frame for special applications at supply air treatment i.e. for museum air or with pharmaceutical processes.

  • 65°

HS-Carbopad filterpads are employed in special air treatment units especially for museums. The pads consist of synthetic filterfleece that securely surrounds the activated carbon chambers. Differen carbons could be employed for equipping the pad. The most common used carbon is for the reduction of SO2 concentrations in the supply air. The flexible design allows a fitting without bypasses.


HS-Amosorb - Ammoniafilter

Compact ionexchanger for radical NH3 elimination.

  • 65°

HS-Amosorb is specially designed for the filtration of ammonia from air flows. This filter has an approximately 5-fold higher efficiency against gaseous ammonia than comparable solutions based on activated carbon. Due to the construction HS Amosorb reaches an approximately 60-90% lower pressure drop as solutions based upon activated carbon of similar size. In addition to these advantages, HS Amosorb is also very air flow tolerant - even at 30% overload operation!

HS Amosorb reached its outstanding efficiency through the use of micro-ion exchangers, which are laminated to a carrier fleece. The chemical reaction of ammonia gas with the ion exchangers is spontaneous. In this respect, the apparent contact time (and thereby the airspees) of the gas plays a minor role with the filter medium.HS-Luftfilterbau offers mobile filterunits with HS-Amosorb Filter. These mobiles filters meet the requirements for mainenance tasks on HVAC Units and chillers that operate with Ammonia (NH3) as cooling agent.