Energy Efficient Design

The effective utilization of resources and the sustainable use of our environment are a requirement of our time. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH stirves to optimzie it's ISO 14001 certified production by the useage of innovative materials and to increase the energy efficiency of our products. Most of our prodcuts haven proven in the field that high filtration efficiency does not exclude a reduction of the operational costs.


HS Luftfilterbau supplies uncompromising quality. This is what our customers expect from us. Therefore, HS Luftfilterbau GmbH implemented a highly effective quality and environmental management system. Continuous improvement processes are part of our company culture and ensure that all processes lead to satisfaction of the concerning parties. Our core ideals are founded on our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and KTA 1401 cerzified quality assurance system.

Cleanroom / Pharma / Medical

The latest production processes e.g. in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries require highest degrees of purity of the environment. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH operates ultramodern production and test facilities for HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters to maintain clean and sterile enviroments. All our products are intensively tested according to internationals standards before leaving our factory.

HVAC / Ventilation

Clean air and healthy climate affect the well being of people. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality air filters ensure optimum ventilation of working, residential, commercial and office spaces. A careful choice of materials guarantees energy and economic efficiency.

Power Gen & Offshore

Clean air is important for the process of power generation and in offshore applications.It has not only immediate influence on the efficiency and effectiveness of yourtechnical equipment, but also on the maintenance frequency. Supply air filterprotect your units from pollutants and salt crystals that are part of theoutside air. Custom-build process filter will make sure the exhaust air doesnot contain oil mist or soot.HS-Luftfilterbauis a competent partner for manufacturer and operator of gas turbines, dieseland gas-fired engines, compressors, fans and applications of nucleartechnologies. Due to a close collaboration with our customers we are able tooffer innovative solutions, which are trimmed to fit your needs. Also, we fabricateproducts that solve common and particular problems in nuclear power plants.Whether you operate on land or sea – we will be at your service. Ourfiltration solutions possess optimized energy consumption and therefore willincrease output and the generation of energy while simultaneously decreasingmaintenance and operations costs. Contaminationof the environment by power plants is often discussed in the public. Severalyears of experience, the full range of solutions for containment andhigh-security areas and unique products for the operation and dismantling ofnuclear power plants will guarantee any customer fulfillment of their securityrequirements.


Pre filtration

HS-Filtermedia for fine dusts

Filtermedia for fine dust filtration. Supplied as Rolls and Pad's.

  • -40…65°
  • M5
  • 50…65

These filter pads are applied in air conditioning or air ventilation equipment for increased perfomance levels as well as supply air filtration for surface finishig. After dust saturation these mats are simply replaced by new ones.

Standard roll dimensions are 20 x 20 m and cut pads can be supplied as required.


Pleatfilter HS-Alpha Pak 35 and HS-Alpha Pak 55

Pre- and mainfilter with rigid plastic frame and maximum filtersurface.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 85
  • 65

These compact filtercells serve as prefilter for HVAC systems and Turbines offering maximum filtration abilities at minimal dimensions. HS-Alpha Pak´s greates benefits is the compact construction with frame depths of 48 and 96 [mm], the outstanding dust holding capacity, maximized filter surface as well as hygienic design. HS-Alpha Pak are availiabe in two different filterclasses (EN779: G4 and M5). The frame of HS-Alpha Pak is made of rigit extruded polystyrene profiles with edge connectors. This guarantees optimal hygienic as well as stability and also ensures easy disposal because the whole filter can be incinerated.
The high quality synthetic filter media offers deep-filtration effects thus archieving higher dust holding capacities than similar products from other manufacturers. It is pleated to self-supporting folds that are fixed by plastic spacers offering even more rigidity.
HS-Alpha Pak can also serve as pre-filters for turbine air intakes.



Prefilter for safety housings such as i.e. HS-S041 or HS-Filtermobile.

  • 65°
  • G4
  • M5
  • 30…75
  • 60

HS-Prefiltercell: these serve als prefilters in HEPA-Channelhousings (i.e. HS-S041) and are availiable in classes EN 779:G4 to M5. The prefilter cells are especially designed for contamitation free filter change (save-change). They are completely incinreable to ease their disposal after use.



Finedust filtration (pre & mainfilter)

HS-Beta Pak

Ultraslim compact filter cell with install depth of only 48 - 150 mm.

  • 65°
  • M6
  • F7
  • F9
  • 65
  • 55…90
  • 50…70

HS-Beta Pak are robust finedustfilter for depths small as 48 mm and 96 mm by request up to 150 mm. Suited for Reconfiguration or replacement of AC units, substituting common Zig-Zag-pleated with a more hygienic filter. Also applicable at systems where actual filter efficiency is not enough (i.e. finedust problems in city-air).

HS-Beta Pak are robust fine dust filters, employed as preliminary or main filters when long filter service lives are required in large and/or variab- le volume flows. Typical areas of application are electronics and computer rooms, pharmaceutical production areas, research laboratories, hospitals, industrial ventilation and preliminary filtration for particulate air filters. They fit in all standard fra- mesystems or mounting frames of various manuf- acturers for particulate air filters, according to the design variant. They are suitable for use as replace- ment filters in all standard commercially available mounting frames. Due their small depth HS-Beta Pak save space in new constructed ventilation systems.

These filters are also great space savers when existing venti- lationssystems need to be rigged up for higher filter classes. The sturdy plastic frame fulfills the demands for high rigidity and hygiene combined with the ease of disposal since the filters are com- pletely metalfree and thus fully incinreable.


HS-Mikro Pak

Energy saving V-Form Rigid compact filter used in HVAC, Ventilation and turbomachinery such as turbines.

  • 65°
  • M6
  • F7
  • F9
  • 75
  • 55…95
  • 55…85

High performance compact filters are available in three filter classes.

Airflow volumes up to 5000 [m³/h] with only 292[mm] installment depth required.

HS-Mikro Pak filters are mostly used at air conditioning, ventilation and turbine applications for fine dust filtration. These filters are used as primary and/or main filters to prevent toxic gas, aerosol and general dust pollution. They are especially suited for for handling large airflow volumes and achieve long service life times due to their large dust storage capacity.HS-Mikro Pak filters fit most standard supporting frames from various manufacturers. The filtermedia consits of high quality glass fibre paper with varying efficiencies. Thermoplastic spacers between tightly packed individual filter folds, ensure even spacing. The supporting frame is made form plastic and therefore makes disposal easy because the complete filter could be reduced to ash, once burned.

The design and construction of the HS-Mikro Pak provides a high rigidity and corrosion is impossible. The filter media is water resistant and also suitable for use in conditions with high humidity. A temporary increase in the of the pressure drop is normal. With reduced humidity the pressure drop returns to normal levels.

HS-Mikro Pak filters can be fitted with the clean-air or dust side and are great space savers when used in new systems due to their minimal mounting depths. Options like foamed gasktes or burst protection gills on the clean air side are possible - please ask for special applications.


HS-Makro Pak

High performance filters for industrial applications i.e. process air, pharmacy, surface technology etc.

HS-Makro Fine Dust Filters are used as pre-filters and main filters in ventilation and air-conditioning systems requiring high and/or variable volume flows combined with long filter life. Typical areas of application include electronic and computer rooms, pharmaceutical production areas, research laboratories, hospitals, industrial ventilation and pre-filtering of airborne particles. Depending on the specification, they may be used standard cell frames or in mounting systems from HS-Luftfilterbau as well as of various other manufacturers. The filter paper is laid in narrow parallel pleats and fixed evenly in place by spacers made from profiled aluminium foil. The special spacer profiling with beaded edges on both sides prevents the filter paper from being damaged and gives the filter assembly maximum stability. These filters could be optionally fitted with, protection grids, grounding or regenerative filter media.

HS-Makro F are robust fine dust filters, employed as preliminary or main filters when long filter service lives are required in large and/or variable volume flows. Typical areas of application are electronics and computer rooms, pharmaceutical production areas, research laboratories, hospitals, industrial ventilation and preliminary filtration for particulate air filters. They fit in all standard framesystems or mounting frames of various manufacturers for particulate air filters, according to the design variant. They are suitable for use as replacement filters in all standard commercially available mounting frames.

The HS-Makro FV are specialy designed to handle highest air flow rates (i.e. 7000 m³/h @ face dim. 610x610 mm). Within these filters the media packets are arranged in a V-shape to increase the effective filter surface. The filter media used is high quality glass fibre paper with various grades of dust extraction efficiencies. The glass fibre paper is folded into closely spaced pleats, with thermoplastic adhesive spacers to ensure an optimum pleating geometry. The standard filters are fully incinerable - easier disposal.




Filterclass EN 779


HS-Makro 65
HS-Makro 85
HS-Makro 95
Aluminium (>350°C) M6
HS-Makro 65F
HS-Makro 85F
HS-Makro 95F
thermoplastic (<65°C) M6
HS-Makro 65FV
HS-Makro 85FV
HS-Makro 95FV


HS-Pak 55 Extreme & HS-Pak 65 Extreme

Energy saving bagfilter for turbomaschinery and surface technology. Offers Rigid welded pockets sealed to a metal-pu-foam frame.

  • 65°
  • M5
  • M6
  • F7
  • 85…95
  • 70…95

HS-Pak 55 Extreme and HS-Pak 65 Exntreme are bag filter designed for the use at demanding process technic such as turbomachinery, gasturbines or surface technologies and industrial painting cabins. HS-Pak 65 Extreme are used as high performance prefilters and main stage filters. The filterconstruction offers robust welded, self supporting filterpockets. The pocket separators are welded by advanced welding technology to the pockets to guarantee optimal saturation of the given filtersurface and ensure best pressure drops even with variing airflows. The single filterpockets are securely sealed in a leak proof hard foam frame supported by a rigid inner metal construction. The air entry of the frame is aerodynamically designed to reduce turbulences and to reduce the pressure loss.




Partikelfilter (EPA / HEPA)

HS-Mikro Pak SFV and HS-Mikro Pak RFV

Compact filter as to be used as alternative for enhancing or substitution of existing finedustfilterstages in existing filtersystems.

  • 65°
  • >95
  • E11
  • H13

HS-Mikro Pak SFV fits idealy as main filter stage where high air flow rates and maximum efficiency are required. HS-Mikro Pak SFV are applied mainly in industrial process (i.e. as safety filter after mechanical oil-fog filters). HS-Mikro Pak SFV also fit as mainfilterstage for the removal of particles, toxic dusts or aerosols from the exhaust or supply air flows, especially when
high flow rates are required. The V-bank system offers superior filter surfaces and therefore ensures a longer service lifetime. The filterframe offers maximum rigidity and is corrosion free. It is consisting of plastic and therefore guarantees an easy waste disposal because the whole filter is completely incinreable.

Standard: Filterclass H13 (HS-Mikro Pak SFV) or E11 (HS-Mikro RFV) according to EN 1822, plastic frame, circulating 25 mm flange on face side

Options: foamed gasket on the flange, burst protection grid

HS-Mikro Pak SFV and HS-Mikro Pak RFV are temperature resistant up to 65°C @ r.H. up to 100 %.


HS-Mikro S and HS-Mikro R

High efficient EPA and HEPA filters with classical aluminum spacer technology. Loads of different options are availiable.

  • 120…250°
  • >95
  • E11
  • H13
  • H14

Filtercells made from micro glass fiber media and curved aluminum spacers. Filters are versatile applicable for process protection in industry and technology. The use of aluminum spacers allows more options e.g.: cleanable filter media for up to 10.000 cleaning cycles, high temperature filters or electrical grounding for explosion protection.

Standard: Filter class H13 (HS-Mikro S) or E11 (HS-MiKro R) in accordance with. EN 1822, with MDF framework and a foamed, non-porous seal.

Options: Metal frame, special seals, div. Filter classes (E11 - U15), grasp protection, handles, grounding, flanges, dedustable filter media, high temperature filters (to 250°C), etc. possible.

HS-Mikro S or HS-Mikro R are temperature resistant to approx. 120°C or 250°C with r.H. up to 100 %


HS-Mikroseal JG

Pressure relief filter for over- / underpressure regulation at tanks, gloveboxes and safetyhousings.

  • 65°
  • >95
  • E11
  • H13
  • H14

HS-Mikroseal JG can be flexibly used everywhere, where smallest installation size combined with moderate airflows is demanded. The cartridge is not requiring a own filterhousing and can be easily attached to common pipes or tanks by the standard 1"-thread. The filtermedia is safely protected by a corrosion resistand stainless-steel frame. Among the numerous possible applications the cartridge servs mainly as pressure relief filter at safety relevant filterunits (i.e.  HS-S04, HS-Securesorb).

Standard :  EN1822 H13, Frame stainless 1.4301, 1"-thread made from brass



Gasfilter (VOC's, SO2, H2S)

HS-A055 Activated Carbon Panel Cell

Carbon Filter used for high airflows.

  • 65°

This active coal card filter is used to absorb unpleasant odors like kitchen-, tobacco- chemical- and body odors, as well as gaseous pollutants, mainly carbon hydrates. The main applications are in ventilation and air-extraction systems.

HS-active charcoal board filters consist of the cell frame fitted with plastic guides for the v-shaped configuration of 18 individual filter elements.


HS-Activated Carbons

Activated carbon for gas- and odor filtration. Availiable as bag- or bulk goods.

  • 65°

HS-Luftfilterbau supplies Activated Carbone in shaped and pulverised format. The granule size of shape and corn coal ranges between 0.6 and 6.3 mm, according to it’s application, pulverised activated charcoal has a granule size of <0,075mm. This activated charcoal is manufactured from various raw materials, compost, coconutshells or sugar. This is achieved either by burning, or special treatment procedures to achieve a substantial enlargement in the “outer” and “inner” surface.

Through this process the finest porous surfaces and the finest capillary systems are created, which increases the absorbent surfaces up to 1700 m²/g. This in turn results in excellent filter efficiency and dust storage capacity and enables a long life span and high capacity of the active coal filters. Basic rules with the use of active carbon:

  • with increasing virtual contact with the active carbon or larger amounts of coal being used, the efficiency of the coal used is increased.
  • For the absorption of special pollutants impregnated active coal is used.
  • The air temperature of the flowing air shall not exceed 50ºC as from this temperature onwards some of the pollutants will be released by the coal. Any materials to be filtered have to absorbable. (Refer to table).
  • Active coal is very sensitive towards dust, and therefore it is recommended to use high quality and efficient dust filters as a primary filters for non-gaseous pollutions.
  • The basic rule: any gas molecules, which have more than three non-hydrogen atoms, are easy to absorb.

Please contact us for more, specific informations about the materials you need to adsorb.


Table about the effectiveness of the activated charcoal with the following materials (selection)
The effectiveness is indicated by the shown numbers:
4 = very good adsorption, 3 = good adsorption, 2 = small adsorption, 1 = very small adsorption
acetone 3 fatty acids carbon dioxide
acetaldehyde chlorine chemical solvent
acrolein chloroform menthol
alcohol diesel oil fog methane
anaesthetics 3 acetic acid methanol
ether disinfectant merkaptane
ethereal oils formaldehyde phenol
ethane fruit smell phosgene
ethylen household smells propan
ethyl acetate iodine sweat smells
amines cerosine tetrachlorcarbons
ammonia body smells turpentine
gasoline cosmetics tobacco smells
benzene hospital smells toluol
butane cresol please req. for more

HS-Clean Pro

Granulate used for the filtration of odors and for gasfiltration respectively destruction by oxidation. Especially suited for the filtration of H2S and SO2 filtration.

  • 120°

HS-Clean Pro is a chemisorbtive granulate wich serves as replacement or in addition to HS-Activated Carbon. HS-Clean Pro offers favorable adsorbtion abilities against various organic gases.

We reccomend it's use in addition to activated carbon at processes where H2S, SO2 or other organic / smell intensive agents, i.e. amino acids or formaldehyde must be removed from the air flow.

HS-Clean Pro is manufactured from high prosity activated alumina granules which is impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMNO4). The potassium permanganate serves as oxidizing agent to destroy, inactivate or converse problematic gases and odors.




HS-Solid CAT, welded stainless housing

Modular filterhousing made from welded stainless steel.

  • 250°

The HS-Solid CAT channel housing meets your performance requirements in all ductwork requiring the highest standards of air purity. The modular concept allows cost-effective adaptation to the needs of your process conditions. The housing can serve from a simple one-stage filter up to multi stage HEPA and gas/odor filtersystem for safety relevant applications. If required an adjustable fan can be integrated to the design.

HS-Solid CAT housings are made of welded stainless steel (type 1.4301 or 1.4404 / 14571). HS-Solid CAT can be fitted with any combinations of coarse and fine dust filters as well as HEPA's up to EN 1822 Class H14. Even the inclusion of molecular filters is provided. The integrated filter holders are suitable filters manufactured by HS-Luftfilterbau filter and of course for standard filters from most other manufacturers.


HS-4N mounting frame for finedust and HEPA filters

Mounting frame for filter cassettes up to 292 mm depth.

HS-4N mounting frames ideally suit for building filterwalls for highly efficient particle filtration. Single mounting frames can be fitted like modules to estrablish a wall installation. Clamping elements in each corner of the mounting frame ensure an even pressure on the installed filter. Each mounting frame comes with 4 clamping elements. All weldseams are glas blasted for corrosion protection. HS-4N-Frames can be optinonally equiped with a leaktest pipe to ensure tight seat of the filter by putting the groove gasket (gasket with tight seat test ablility) of the filter under pressure.  The tight seat of the filter is validated by monitoring the leak rate over the gasket.The mounting system supports worldwide standard HEPA sizes.


HS-S-041 safe change security filter housing

Safety filterhousing for particle and gas filtration offering Bag-In-Bag-Out filterchange.

HS-S041 filterhousings are manufactured from airtight welded stainless steel. Filters are fixed by a stainless steel two-lever entralised pressure system and leaf springs. Optional equipment i.e.: a seal leak proof grove, aluminium twin grooved service board for safe change (Bi-Bo, bag-in-bag-out), adapter housings or flanges and or foot pedestal. Multistage housings are also available.



Versatile options are available: 


Safety filter system for removal of particles and toxic gases at high air flow rates.

HS-Securesorb Activated Carbon adsorbers are designed for the filtration of high air volumes of 5000 up to 15.000 m³/h. They are employed for the secure removal of gaseous and / or toxic air impurities. The whole filterhousing is made from high grade stainless steel. All filter stages can be changed contamination free by Safe Change (Bi-Bo, Bag-In-Bag-Out).


Adsorber for toxic or radioactive gases

HS-Panelfilter Wall Frame V-type HS-Z034

Panelfilter wall for panel filters, pads and mesh filters type HS-Z34 (V-form) for higher flow rates.

This filter wall consists of the filter-wall frame, the surrounding support frame (where required) and individual supporting frames. With the use of filter matting inserts, supporting grills and frames for the filtermats are fitted. For modular fitting, an angle frame is supplied.


HS-Wall Filter System Type HS-T021

Modular configurateable filterwall for channel or duct installation.

This filter wall consists of individual supporting frames and the filter-wall frame, and, if required, reinforced sheeting can be fitted. It is designed for dust and clean-air sided operations and, according to the specific task, will be fitted with module or micro pack filter inserts with varying filter efficiencies and volumes, as required.