Energy Efficient Design

The effective utilization of resources and the sustainable use of our environment are a requirement of our time. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH stirves to optimzie it's ISO 14001 certified production by the useage of innovative materials and to increase the energy efficiency of our products. Most of our prodcuts haven proven in the field that high filtration efficiency does not exclude a reduction of the operational costs.


HS Luftfilterbau supplies uncompromising quality. This is what our customers expect from us. Therefore, HS Luftfilterbau GmbH implemented a highly effective quality and environmental management system. Continuous improvement processes are part of our company culture and ensure that all processes lead to satisfaction of the concerning parties. Our core ideals are founded on our ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 and KTA 1401 cerzified quality assurance system.

Cleanroom / Pharma / Medical

The latest production processes e.g. in the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries require highest degrees of purity of the environment. HS-Luftfilterbau GmbH operates ultramodern production and test facilities for HEPA, ULPA and molecular filters to maintain clean and sterile enviroments. All our products are intensively tested according to internationals standards before leaving our factory.

HVAC / Ventilation

Clean air and healthy climate affect the well being of people. HS Luftfilterbau GmbH offers a comprehensive range of high quality air filters ensure optimum ventilation of working, residential, commercial and office spaces. A careful choice of materials guarantees energy and economic efficiency.


Cleanzone 201408.2014

Cleanzone Save the DateMeet us at the "cleanzone 2014" exhibition - the international industry meeting point for cleanroom technology. We're located here: Hall 1.1 Booth D04. Our filtration experts are availabe for discussions about air filtration. We're looking foward to see you soon!

Activated carbon cartridge : HS-AKP 3508.2014

Our new activated carbon cartridge HS-AKP 35 expands our product range of high efficient odor and gas filters. The new cartridge offers a dimension of 410x160 mm and a bed depth of 35 mm which results in a carbon volume of 6,4 ltr..

HS-AKP 35 is mainly designed as replacement filter to be used in exsisting kitchen exhaust air units.

The dimensions of the cartridge are designed to fit the holding frames of common odor filter systems used in gastronomic applications. HS-AKP 35 offers longer service life time thanks to it's increased carbon volume. Depending on the application it might also give higher efficiency not only against odors but also VOC's or other harmful gaseous air impurities in new industrial exhaust air systems.

activated carbon filter HS-AKP 35

HS-Fogdrain - eliminates oilmist & emulsion aerosols07.2013

A major problem with cooling lubricants is that they are atomized by high speed tools and form aerosols and smokes. These go into the body by inhalation and may in worst case cause cancer. Intelligent design of the filter and a smart filtration process are required to achieve good filter lifetime -  especially when dealing with high concentrated emulsion and oil aerosols,
HS Fogdrain filters are used as pre-filter for HEPA and activated carbon filters downstream. These filters are self-draining and can handle high aerosol concentrations over long service lifetimes.

HS Fogdrain filters can be easily integrated into existing filter systems or used as a substitute. If needed, we will design efficient and safe filter systems for aspiration processes.


Works just with gravity: oil mists & emulsion aerosols first agglomerieren and constantly drain out of the filter.


Ultimate performance: HS-Deka Pak 07.2013

Classical development targets in the development of air filters are to achieve higher air performance with less energy consumption combined with longer filter service life and maximum efficiency.

Deka   Pak compact filters are another milestone on this road. This compact filter generation offers at a depth of 420 mm more than twice the filter area compared to conventional compact filters with a depth of only 292 mm.

Therefore the initial and operational pressure drop is up to 40% lower. Process air applications in harsh operating environments benefit from the significantly longer life.
HS-Deka Pak filters of course fulfill the conditions for energy class A acc. Eurovent 4/11 rating model. HS Deka Pak are avialiable in classes EN779: 2012 M6 to F9 with both glass fibre and and with synthetic filtermedia and fit the standard mounting frames for compact filter.

HS-Deka Pak are available in following sizes:

  • 592 x 592 x 420 mm
  • 592 x 490 x 420 mm
  • 592 x 287 x 420 mm


Eye catching performance: HS-Deka Pak compared to HS-Mikro Pak.



New: HS-V-Pak - optimized design06.2012

We have optimized our compact wedge shaped filter and revised it in terms of better waste management. HS V-Pak filters are now supplied only in a fully combustible variant with plastic frame.

HS V-Pak filters are mainly used as a fine dust filters in comfort air handling units but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for extraction at workstations or mobile applications . Due to the compact design, HS V-Pak are mainly suiting for conditions with reduced space avaliablity or in mobile systems. As filter media we offer not only common glas media but also synthetics and membranes. The filter is designed for easy disposal and thanks to the completely metal-free design.


HS-V-Pak RFV and HS-V-Pak SFV are EPA respectively HEPA filters serving up to class EN1822:H14 and fullfill the requirements for useabe in gloveboxes and cleanbenches.

Standardsize: 86,5x202x600 mm.

More informations:

HS-V-Pak : Klasse EN 779 M6 - F9

HS-V-Pak RFV, SFV : Klasse EN1822 E11 - H14