More space for faster supplies

End of 2017 we have finished the construction of our new production plant right beside our current one. We created additional space of over 4500 m² for air filter assembly.

With the new building we will create appx. 50 additional jobs in our region and offer much faster supplies in state of the art quality.

HS-Strongshield EX

The pioneering HS-Strongshield filter technology enables maximum media tear strength up to> 100 kPA, safe dissipation of electro-static potentials for ATEX areas, pulse cleaning dedusting up to 6 bar and filter classes up to EN 1822 H14. The ultima ratio in safe filtration solutions for demanding filter tasks.

Snap-On Prefilter

HS-Alpha Pak GT serve as easy to clip on prefilters for the HS-Mikro Pak series. HS-Alpha Pak GT can be fitted with exchangeable pre- and coalescing filter pads. Also these pre-filters offer drainage drillings to release collected moisture. The Snap-On prefilters are hydrophobic to filter and drain away any fogs and droplets moisture from process air or turbomachinery air intake.

Offshore Filtration

Important installation on board ships and platforms which must be protected from intruding water drops and corrosive particles such as salt crystals, desert sand worn over the ocean or soot.
We offer filter elements and systems, which
even under the harshest conditions at sea enable safe operation of electric-mechanic sub-systems, wind or gas turbines.


Ultimate Safety: HS-Strongshield07.2015

NEW: HS-Strongshield Filters offer the maximum security at processes with high hazard risk potentials. The groundbreaking HS-Strongshield filter technology provides a superior media tensile strength up to 400% higher than usual glass media.

Different to usual Filters the HS-Strongshield filtermedia is armored by rigid layers of polyester. This ensures that HS-Strongshield filters offer an unmatched safety at extreme conditions such as high moisture, shock pressures, accident failures of pre-filterstages, presence of explosive atmospheres etc..

The air entry side of the filters is metalized and conductive to depleat any electrical potentials that can cause ignitions by grounding connectors on the filter. Hence HS-Strongshield filters ideally suit the safety needs of processes in ATEX areas. No additional protective grids are required due to the robust media structure. HS-Strongshield filters are dedustable by typical pulsejet or blast systems.


NEW: Polystyrene frame for HEPA filters  in 292 mm (12") depth07.2015

NEW:our product lines HS-Mikro SF & SFV (HEPA Filter) and our compact filter types HS-Makro F & FV are now available with our new plastic frame in 292 mm depth as alternative to MDF, galv. steel or stainless steel. 

This frame type safes costs when used as alternative against stainless steel and also ideally suits applications where hygiene regulations do not tolerate MDF. The 292 mm polystyrene frame allows easy waste disposal by combustion since filters with this frames are by standard metal free.

New catalogue release03.2015

Our new catalogue has been fully revised. Beside some cosmetics we added some new interesting products to the range. Especially our range of temperature resistant finedust and HEPA filters has seen some major updates.

Please note that this document is under constant improvement and new products will be added constantly.